6 Online Reputation Mistakes To Avoid

A company’s online reputation, like most things worthwhile, can be difficult to build but fiendishly easy to shatter. The internet has given consumers a voice that is widespread and immediate. One negative cust...

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How Ad Impression Share Affects Your PPC Account Performance

As the CEO of a PPC marketing agency, I’ve had the opportunity to audit a lot of PPC accounts. Most of these accounts have elements that are working… and elements that aren’t.Unfortunately, those dysfunctional...

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Are You Wasting Your AdWords Budget? Lessons from 2,000+ AdWords Audits

As paid search marketers, we have something of a love affair with data. Paid search marketing is expensive, so we want to know where every cent is going and whether or not our ad spend is producing sa...


5 Easy Ways To Increase Online Reviews

When you need a service or are looking to make a big purchase, what is the first step you take? You go online and look for information, maybe read a few online reviews. Guess what? Your customers do the sa...

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Google Makes Big Changes To Results Pages: No More Right Rail

Google’s ever-shifting landscape of available advertising slots got a major jolt in late February. For quite some time, they’ve been testing the impacts of removing ads from the right-hand rail, and it looks li...