Social Media Marketing

With Over the two billion users worldwide, Facebook®, Twitter®, and Google+™ are more than just a fad. they're an excellent way to promote your business.

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Social Media Marketing

A powerful tool of communication, social media allows companies to reach their customers where they are, while also characterizing their brands and expanding their customer base. If done correctly, social media marketing can also increase the efficacy of other marketing techniques – including SEO and SEM – by helping build natural links, and drive traffic, awareness, brand recognition and goodwill.

That’s where we step in. We create engaging, informative and unique multimedia content that cuts right through the digital clutter and connects your customers with your brand, utilising tailored social media content strategies and expert insights.



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Companies Choose To Work With Us

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    Identify Objectives

    Our team determines social objectives by learning from the client and finding the end goal for the campaign.

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    Social Media Audit

    An audit is conducted of all existing social accounts to determine their current level of performance and presence.

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    Market Analysis

    Competitors and the market are analyzed to understand how to best approach a social media marketing campaign.

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    Content Plan

    A content plan is created and content is scheduled based on the market analysis to reach the marketing objectives.

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    Strategic Partner

    We act as a strategic partner and identify weak points, offer suggestions, and improve the campaigns we work on. It is an ongoing process of optimizing your campaign to get the best results possible.

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    Ongoing Analysis

    Each post and each aspect of the campaign is analyzed to ensure the best ongoing performance of the strategy.

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Generating a strong ROI immediately is the goal, making our client’s performance our top priority. Each client receives an individual approach to best serve the brand, the client, and most importantly, their business.

Most popular FAQs

Why should I outsource social media management?

Outsourcing social media management is an effective and efficient way of growing your online presence if you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself or you are unsure where to start. Having your social media managed externally gives you more time to engage with customers face-to-face and build stronger relationships in person that will translate onto the online world.

What does a social media strategy include?

Your social media strategy will include a clear, organised breakdown of each post or post category that is tailored to each social media platform your business uses. This breakdown will show each individual post, the contents of the post and the time it will be published. Images and digital graphics play a huge part online, therefore, your strategy will include an image template so all of your images feature your company branding. If you have photographs or images you would like to use we will ensure these are included within your strategy.

Will you create social media profiles if I don't have any?

Absolutely, we are more than happy to get you up and running if you are unsure or simply don’t have the time to set them up yourself. As part of the consultation stage, we will discuss which platforms you should be on and how they will be set up.

How do you create a social media strategy?

To create your social media strategy, it’s important we understand what you wish to achieve from using social media. Whether it be an increase in sales, enquiries or website traffic, we can use this information and tailor it around the content we create.

Do you offer paid social media advertising?

Yes, this can be discussed and agreed upon during the consultation process, as most posts will not require a paid marketing budget. If you want to reach a wider audience through paid advertising, we can set this up and discuss a recommended budget with you.

Can I still post to my social media accounts?

Of course, you have the absolute freedom to contribute yourself and add anything as you go along that you want your customers to know about.

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Think of us as your strategic partner that identify weak points, offer suggestions, and improve the campaigns we work on. We provide an ongoing process of optimizing your campaign to get the best results possible.

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    A Gamut of Services under One Roof

    From conceptualizing your website to promoting it on the internet, all services you may require are on our list of services. We are an all-encompassing digital marketing firm which has an extensive range of service to offer.

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    Unique Approach

    Our team strategically attracts a loyal following to your business by consistently and authentically interacting with customers on social media. Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter we increase brand awareness and create an active following for your business.

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    Transparent Monthly Reporting

    In Social Media services it’s not always so easy to measure progress, you will be provided with cold hard data every month, so you can witness exactly how much your company’s user traffic and online presence has improved thanks to our services.