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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per Click Management

Is Pay Per Click (PPC) right for my business?

This depends on your individual business circumstances of course, however, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising should work for almost every industry or business sector. If you offer products or services that people are likely to search for, then PPC will be right for your business in some shape or form.

How long does it take to see results?

Once the campaign is setup and ready to go, it will need to go through a review process which shouldn’t take more than an hour. Once it has passed the review process, the campaign will be live and you will start driving traffic to your website. We will be able to tell within the first week whether or not the campaign is working for you.

How can I measure the ROI of my PPC campaign?

Your Return On Investment (ROI) can be measured by the metrics we set out to track at the beginning of the campaign. If you are an eCommerce retailer, it is quite easy to analyse the advertising spend versus the revenue achieved through PPC to calculate your ROI. If you are a service provider, we can discuss with you how much an enquiry is worth to your business and the rate at which leads are converted to sales and then we have a benchmark to work towards. We can report on the number of enquiries and the amount spent on advertising to work out your cost per enquiry and cost per sale so you have a better understanding of your ROI.

Why would I pay for PPC?

PPC advertising is an effective way of driving traffic to your website instantly. Organic search can take some time and is a longer-term search strategy, so if you want to start generating more website traffic and leads quickly, then paying for a search engine advert through PPC is the best way to achieve this.

PPC didn't work before, should I try again?

This is a question we have heard many times before. If you have tried PPC before and it didn’t work then it is most likely that there was a problem with the way the campaign was set up; either the keywords you were targeting weren’t quite right or your campaign didn’t have the correct structure. We can analyse the data from your previous campaign and highlight why your old campaign didn’t work, as well as making suggestions on how we would set up your new campaign, should you want to try it again.

What is included in the monthly reporting?

As standard, we report on the monthly activity of your campaign which includes the number of clicks, the cost per click, the average position, the click through rate and the cost per enquiry. We can however tailor the report to your specific circumstances to ensure that we are providing feedback on the key statistics that matter to you most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization

Why should I outsource my SEO?

It can be beneficial to outsource your SEO to an online marketing agency like Results Matter. Many companies don’t have the expertise to do it in-house or the budget to hire an experienced SEO professional. However, when working with Results Matter, you have an SEO expert at your disposal who will create and implement an effective SEO strategy to help maximise your online presence.

How much does SEO cost?

As no business is the same, the cost of our SEO service really depends on the individual client and their circumstances. We are very flexible with what we can offer to clients, and so our pricing can be tailored to reflect the work that we are doing for that individual client.

Does Results Matter provide reports on SEO results?

We provide monthly reports for all clients, which can be viewed in our online client centre. Within the client centre, you will see the statistics for the key metrics that reflect the success of our work, and you will also see how well the keywords for your website are ranking. If there is anything specific that you would like us to report on, or if you would like more in depth monthly reporting on all aspects of our work, then we are more than happy to do so. For more information regarding the reports that we produce for our clients, please visit our Monthly Reporting page.

Is there a minimum contract for SEO?

No, there isn’t a minimum contract for our SEO service. However, given the nature of SEO and that the results are instant, we advise our clients to continue with our service for a minimum of six months to ensure that they can see the positive impact that we are having upon their website and their business.

How can the success of SEO be measured?

Ultimately, the success of your SEO campaign will be measured on the difference it makes to your business, be that sales or enquiries. However, there are a number of other metrics we use to look at the effectiveness of the work we have undertaken in this area. A key indicator is monitoring keyword positions in Google; the work we do on and off site should see your keyword positioning in Google improve over time. The higher your website ranks for your chosen keywords, the more traffic you will get. Other key metrics such as Analytics stats give us a great insight into the success of a campaign.

How long does it take to see improved positions?

As there are many different factors that contribute to the ranking of a website, it is very difficult to allocate an amount of time in which ranking positions will increase. It is essential to allow time for SEO work to achieve results, and investing time and patience into SEO will certainly help the work that we do over a sustained period of time, meaning that we can achieve the very best results possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Marketing

Why should I outsource social media management?

Outsourcing social media management is an effective and efficient way of growing your online presence if you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself or you are unsure where to start. Having your social media managed externally gives you more time to engage with customers face-to-face and build stronger relationships in person that will translate onto the online world.

What does a social media strategy include?

Your social media strategy will include a clear, organised breakdown of each post or post category that is tailored to each social media platform your business uses. This breakdown will show each individual post, the contents of the post and the time it will be published. Images and digital graphics play a huge part online, therefore, your strategy will include an image template so all of your images feature your company branding. If you have photographs or images you would like to use we will ensure these are included within your strategy.

Will you create social media profiles if I don't have any?

Absolutely, we are more than happy to get you up and running if you are unsure or simply don’t have the time to set them up yourself. As part of the consultation stage, we will discuss which platforms you should be on and how they will be set up.

How do you create a social media strategy?

To create your social media strategy, it’s important we understand what you wish to achieve from using social media. Whether it be an increase in sales, enquiries or website traffic, we can use this information and tailor it around the content we create.

Do you offer paid social media advertising?

Yes, this can be discussed and agreed upon during the consultation process, as most posts will not require a paid marketing budget. If you want to reach a wider audience through paid advertising, we can set this up and discuss a recommended budget with you.

Can I still post to my social media accounts?

Of course, you have the absolute freedom to contribute yourself and add anything as you go along that you want your customers to know about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design

How does the design process work?

We take the design process of a new web project very seriously. Our approach is to plan and map out what is required and how that comes together with a user journey through the pages and site. The first step is to create a site plan, and from there we create basic wireframe layouts of key pages. We then move on to the full graphic design process.

What if I don’t like a design?

Design is very subjective; we understand that and respect our client’s opinions not to like what we have produced. It doesn’t happen often, but if you really don’t like the approach we are suggesting then we would revisit what we have done and make changes to bring it in line with your expectations.

Can you help write content for my website?

Our marketing team love writing content. We often write all the content for our clients websites, or in other cases we help to optimise existing content for readability and search engine purposes.

How long does the design process take?

This really depends on the complexity of the project. For a fairly standard corporate website, the overall planning and design process would normally take three weeks to complete. For a larger scale build with some complex functionality, it may take four to six weeks.

Will my site work on different device sizes?

Yes, ensuring your website layout scales and morphs for small screen sizes is a key part of what we do. We use a technique called responsive design which makes certain that your website will reposition elements to ensure a nice layout on devices from small screen mobiles right up to large laptops and desktops.

Can you help select/find images for my website?

Of course, our team are experienced in finding both paid for and royalty free images to use on your site or within your content. We have access to a wide range of platforms that offer both paid for and royalty free images.

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