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Respond To Negative Reviews

RESPOND TO NEGATIVE REVIEWS ONLINE When you get a negative review online, it can feel like the worst thing that’s ever happened to your business and you might think of responding and right the wrong you have be...

Social Proof

The Importance Of Social Proof

There are many stories of people waiting so long for new products release, movie premieres and concert tickets. People prefer to show up several days earlier to make sure they will get what they want. Now the q...


Why Your Business Online Reviews Matter?

Ever seen that Black Mirror episode where every person is rated by interactions with their peers and their overall “rating” determines their lot in life? We’re not there yet as a society, thankfully. But as a b...


How to Get [Good] Business Reviews

Proactively Seek [Good] Business Reviews You just got to get out there and actively manage the business reviews and ratings online, no matter what your line of business. Need persuading? Some data points: ...


Are Social Reviews Good or Bad for Business?

The internet has given everyone a voice through social reviews. Sometimes, that’s good. Like in the case of social justice. However, sometimes, that’s bad. Like virtually any YouTube comments section. For busin...

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How to Get Reviews for Your Business?

The first thing you need to know about customer’s reviews is that they’re very powerful because they’re not you, shaping how you want your company to be perceived. Not only are there dozens of websites out...


Overcome Customers Negative Reviews

It’s bound to happen sooner or later. You can’t please everyone. You discover negative reviews people have written while searching for your business online. While it may be gratifying in the heat of the moment ...


6 Online Reputation Mistakes To Avoid

A company’s online reputation, like most things worthwhile, can be difficult to build but fiendishly easy to shatter. The internet has given consumers a voice that is widespread and immediate. One negative cust...


5 Easy Ways To Increase Online Reviews

When you need a service or are looking to make a big purchase, what is the first step you take? You go online and look for information, maybe read a few online reviews. Guess what? Your customers do the sa...